Making of Frette

This project involved fabricating a series of awnings with hand applied, copper, three dimensional letters for the upscale designer linen emporium, Frette,  located in Boston, Mass.

The process began with the fabrication of the welded frames, covered with Fretteā€™s signature fabric.

Patterns of the graphics of the letters were made for all the awnings.

The patterns were applied and masked to the frame system and fabric.
Pins for each letter were place on the pattern, penetrating the fabric.
The actual copper, 3 deminsional letters were placed on the fabric.
Pilot holes were drilled to accept the pins for the letters.
These photos show the process of placing each letter carefully, attaching to the pins on the patterned fabric and hammering them into place.  Mistakes were not an option!
One completed awning.
One complete awning installed.
This was a very challenging task that required skill, attention to detail and professionalism. Our employees give one hundred percent effort to all of our projects, from the sale to the installation.  The bigger the challenge, the better we like it.